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And Over This 5 Day Challenge I'll Give You The Blueprint To Burn Away Your Time-Intensive 1-on-1 Work While You Pivot To A Boutique Group Offer So You Can Finally Peel Your Cheek Off The Income Glass Ceiling And Scale Up Your Impact & Income While Scaling Down Your Working Hours.

(This Works Even If You Have Been Doing 1-on-1 Forever, Been Using Group As Your Downgraded Offer, Or Want To Run Group Programs Out Of The Gate!) 


Join us Apr. 29th - May 3rd at 8:00- 9:00 AM MDT daily, for just $97

$97 fee refundable if you do all your homework and you found that you got ZERO value for your time.

Join the challenge for $97.

$97 fee refundable if you do all your homework and you found that you got ZERO value for your time.

Apr. 29th - May 3rd at 8:00- 9:00 AM MDT daily:

Day 1: Scale Up Your Impact & Income

Day 2: Own Your Genius

Day 3: Unleash Yourself

Day 4: The Arsonist's Blueprint

Day 5: Avoid Failure To Launch

The ‘What If You Burned It To The Ground' Challenge Will Walk You Through Exactly How My Clients Efficiently Burn Down Their Time-Intensive 1-on-1 Work To Pivot To Boutique Group Offers That Create More Predictable Outcomes For Their Clients, Get Participants More Invested In Their Transformation, And Create An Atmosphere Of Motivation & Support That Keeps Clients From Getting Stuck In Their Own Way.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The Challenge:

DAY 1: Scale Up Your Impact & Income

The decision to pivot to 1-on-1 doesn't mean reinventing the wheel - what you have already built with your current 1-on-1 offer is enough to make the pivot! What it takes is systemizing the knowledge you normally share in 1-on-1 sessions and building a program that serves a boutique, high-tuition group with intention, effectiveness, and predictable outcomes. I will show you my profitability calculator so you can see how this approach scales up income & impact while burning down working hours fast.

DAY 2: Own Your Genius

Boutique groups can be intimidating if you're unsure how to move a group together through a curriculum, since 1-on-1 has been more of a "go with the flow" approach. You might be worried that your 1-on-1 clients will be upset by the shift. It takes a little guts to put your reputation on the line by creating a high-ticket group program because the expectations from participants will be high. Done well though, it will become the program that creates the most effective and predictable outcomes for your clients.

DAY 3: Unleash Yourself

The life you are currently living working 1-on-1 - going from client to client at breakneck speed, being exhausted by the end of the day - can be burned to the ground more easily and with fewer negative consequences than you think. The beautiful part is, by making the pivot, you will unleash your energy, creativity, and intellect to serve your clients at a level you've only dreamed of. Why? Because you have only a few hours per week that you are client-facing, allowing you to level up your personal life while creating more impact and outcomes in your professional life. Once you try it, you will never go back to the 1-on-1 rat race!

DAY 4: The Arsonist's Blueprint

Pivoting to boutique group programs takes bravery and that along doesn't guarantee your success. To pivot to making your boutique group program your highest ticket, most impactful and results driven offer, it takes dedication, intention, and systemization - along with a few hard conversations. That's where the tried and true Pivot Accelerator Blueprint comes in, so you can burn down what is taking up so much of your time and pivot in months rather than years to your new offer.

DAY 5: Avoid Failure To Launch

You've got the blueprint, so why do so many fail to launch their group program?Perfection, procrastination, fear, and even ego keep so many exhausted 1-on-1 providers stuck with their cheek firmly pressed against the income glass ceiling, wishing to break through. Thinking about building your boutique group, worrying about how it will be received by 1-on-1 clients, and fearing you will publicly fail are less debilitating when you have a plan with contingencies in place which is what this whole day is about. Get ready to successfully launch your new boutique, high-ticket group program.


With Layoffs, Cutbacks, And So Much Worry About The Economy,

There Couldn't Be A Better Time To Pivot To:

- Doing the Work You Love with Clients You Love

- Scaling Your Income

- Unleashing Massive Influence In the World

- Creating Geographic Freedom In Your Life



$97 fee refundable if you do all your homework and you found that you got ZERO value for your time.

Apr. 29th - May 3rd at 8:00- 9:00 AM MDT daily!

Ready To Put In Place Proven Strategies To Successfully Pivot To Boutique Group Programs IN JUST 5 DAYS?


  • You are ready to create massive impact in this world

  • You want to scale your income

  • You know you have big things to contribute to the world because of your experience & expertise

  • You have not successfully been able to attract group clients

  • You want a clear, step-by-step plan to achieve your pivot with grace

  • You are ready to scale your current income by helping others

  • You have difficulty articulating what you do differently than others in your industry​

  • You know you are not reaching your full professional potential doing what you are doing now

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